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Marc Zboch Talks About the Importance of Higher Education and Philanthropy

Marc Zboch is an active philanthropist and proponent of higher education. He is personally dedicated to increasing access to higher education through his self-named scholarship.

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Marc Zboch Discusses The Importance of Philanthropy For Businesses

Businesses that engage in philanthropy have a competitive advantage in their sector. Marc Zboch, a business leader and philanthropist, explains how philanthropy benefits not only the receiver but the giver as well.


Marc Zboch Proves that Philanthropic Entrepreneurs Get Back More Than They Give

Marc Zboch is a philanthropic leader. He explains six benefits of philanthropy for individuals, from success in business to personal health. The wealthy donate to the same charities as other income classes. 

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Marc Zboch Discusses 5 Ways Urban Gardens Benefit Communities

 Gardening encourages residents to grow their own food, lowering their cost of living. Marc Zboch, philanthropist and business expert, explores how urban gardens benefit communities.


Marc Zboch Shares 10 Ways A Business Can Contribute To A Community’s Education

Philanthropist Marc Zboch supports education initiatives in Cambodia, the Philippines, Haiti, Poland, Ghana, and the United States. He has also helped create lasting educational opportunities.


Marc Zboch Shares How to Evaluate Your Favorite Charity In Four Minutes Or Less

Marc Zboch understands the difficulties that arise when choosing which charity to support. Several factors are considered when donating. A proper evaluation can be accomplished in minimal time.


Marc Zboch Discusses Reversing Deforestation In Developing Countries

Marc Zboch has planted over one million trees, mainly in impoverished countries. By restoring forests, communities can develop over time. Planting the right trees one can help strengthen the environment.


Marc Zboch Discusses How Missionary Trips Bring Awareness to Major World Issues 

Sharing religious beliefs with locals to building schools, churches, and homes is a small part of missionary work. Marc Zboch shares how missionary trips bring awareness to major global issues.


Marc Zboch Discusses Digital Therapeutics and How It Aids The  Health Care System

Marc Zboch has seen a positive change in healthcare options since the pandemic. By using digital therapeutics, certain health conditions can be managed without leaving home by using a smartphone.

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