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1.35 Million Trees Planted

I'm excited that we've been able to ship 1,000,000 trees across the United States. But I'm most proud of the 350,000 we were able to provide to poor farmers in developing Countries.

Once fertile soils are turning into deserts at an alarming rate.. Global desertification is caused when the delicate layer of top soil is eroded and blown away by warm winds.

Some of this is from poor farming practices, but some is from undeniable rising temperatures and reduced rainfall. I can't say whether the climate change is man made or just the result of a temporary wobble as we hurl through space at 60,000 miles per hour.

Over one hundred countries suffer from Deforestation. One fifth of the entire world is facing this problem. The effects are seen in areas like Sub-Saharan Africa, where millions are trying to migrate to North Africa and Europe due to food shortages.

40% of the world makes $2.00 or less a day. They don’t cook with gas or electric, they use charcoal from burning trees. Making and selling charcoal is one of the most common professions in the world. Readily accessible trees are cut down for this purpose.

Tree leaves fall and create soil microbes, beneficial bacteria and moisture. Leaves provides that valuable thin layer of top soil that agriculture depends on. This why when we start losing trees, desertification begins to spread rapidly. Our ability to grow food also ends.

The damage can be quickly reversed. Fruit trees are protected and not cut down for charcoal. Fruit is much more lucrative than charcoal. Their fallen leaves restore the top soil which helps restore all vegetative matter. In fact, there are many places that see the return of certain plants that have not been seen for 80 years or more. The seeds stayed dormant all that time waiting for the right conditions to return.

Local farmers are eager to plant fruit trees but don’t have the money to propagate them. We have been able to supply 350,000 trees to these farmers. This sounds more impressive than it really is. We partner with organizations like Trees For The Future who can grow and supply trees and training for only $.10 each.

This makes a great promotion for almost any company… “Buy X and we’ll plant a fruit tree in Africa on your behalf.” It’s similar to Tom’s Shoes where they donate a pair for each one purchased. Even if it doesn’t increase your conversion rate… you’re doing the right thing for the right reason and that always comes back to bless you.

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