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Targeted For Execution

This 16-year-old girl and her twins were kidnapped by her boyfriend's rival gang in El Salvadore. She was walking along the roadside with her two daughters. A rival gang recognized her, then forced her and the twins into their car. They drove to a remote hill where they shot the girl three times. Twice in the body and once by her eye. A farmer heard the shots then found her bleeding profusely. She was taken to the hospital where the two bullets in her body were removed. The bullet in her head could not be removed, even though it posed a great danger to her. The next day she awoke, she asked where her daughters were. Nobody had noticed the twins. A group went back to the hill and found the girls still alive. The twins and their recovering mother were allowed to stay at the REMAR orphanage for safety and care. The bullet left in her skull was life-threatening. The Christian women that work in the orphanage fasted and prayed around the clock that it would come out.

Their prayers were answered. The bullet had worked its way into her nasal cavity. While she was eating, the bullet dropped into her throat where she could cough it out.

The twins are doing well and mom works at the orphanage. She covers half of her face with her long bangs to hide her bullet scar.

REMAR orphanage and school are meagerly funded by private donors. The kids here are victims of incest, violence and severe abuse. The women that run the orphanage receive little pay. They pick up rotten fruit and vegetables from supermarkets and salvage what's edible. They collect "hand me down" clothing for the kids.

The Government does not help, but does offer many regulations. The locals refer to the Government as "a begger with a stick".

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